Created by a husband and wife team, every inch of Oh Aldo is thoughtful and focussed on three key principles: simplicity, comfort and quality – all packaged in beautiful design.

It all started with the birth of their first child. As part of a new generation trying to slow the pace of parenting, they endeavoured to pare back to the essentials. They believe that less is indeed more.

Their aim was to create the ultimate childhood companion. On presenting their first Oh Aldo bear creations to a room full of their toughest mini-critics they were blown away by the glee and carnage of cuddles that ensued. The love and connection they had with the bears ran deep. From that point on they knew they were on to something special.

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All our products are handmade and use the highest quality and softest materials, treated carefully and tested stringently to Australian and European Standards.

Our commitment to bringing only the very best to market has allowed us to quickly grow into a respected brand.